Miaki Ishii

Miaki Ishii
Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
2003 Ph.D. (Geophysics), Harvard University
1998 Hon.B.Sc. (Physics), University of Toronto

email: ishii (at) eps (dot) harvard (dot) edu

Brent Delbridge

Brent Delbridge
Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-)
2017 Ph.D. (Earth and Planetary Science), University of California, Berkeley
2011 B.Sc. & B.Sc. (Physics & Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences), University of Washington

email: bdelbridge (at) fas (dot) harvard (dot) edu

Sunyoung Park

Sunyoung Park
Graduate Student (2012-)
2012 M.S. (Geophysics), Seoul National University
2010 B.S. (Energy Resources Eng.), Seoul National University

email: sunyoungpark01 (at) fas (dot) harvard (dot) edu

Thomas Lee

Thomas Lee
Undergraduate Student (2016-)
2015- A.B. Candidate in Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University

email: Thomasandrewlee (at) college (dot) harvard (dot) edu

Daniel Montenegro

Daniel Mendonça Montenegro
Summer Intern, Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (2016)
2013-present B.Sc. (Geophysics), Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Brazil
2015-2016 Visiting Student (Geophysics), University of Utah
email: daniel.m.montenegro (at) gmail (dot) com

A list of former members of the group can be found here.
Much of our research is done in cooperation and coordination with the Theoretical Mechanics group. Their group members can be found here.
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