Masumi Zaiki

Visiting Scholar (2024-2025)

Harvard Seismology Group
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Harvard University

Curriculum vitae
Masumi Zaiki
Research Interests

The general objective of my research is to clarify the climatic characteristics of East Asia during the Little Ice Age (LIA), from the 16th to the 19th century, and to analyze climatic variability from that period to the current period of global warming. Since the availability of official meteorological data during the LIA is very limited, it is necessary to reconstruct climatic characteristics of that time from various data sources. Specifically, I have been using written qualitative weather descriptions and private old instrumental meteorological data from Japan and East Asia to reconstruct these characteristics. Imaging and digitization of old daily weather records and written instrumental meteorological data must be carried out before these records are lost or decayed. This activity is referred to as "Data Rescue" and is taking place at many institutions all over the world. I have also been working on "Data Rescue" of Southeast and East Asian instrumental meteorological records collected before the founding of official meteorological agencies.
Currently, I am working with the Seismology Laboratory of Harvard University on a project to generate hourly numerical data from paper Thermographs and Barographs since the 1920s, stored at the Seikei Meteorological Observatory (Seikei Gakuen, Tokyo). This will enable analysis of climatic extremes that begin and end within a few hours and facilitate the study of their long-term changes in frequency and magnitude.


2004: Ph.D. (Science), Tokyo Metropolitan University

2001: M.S., Tokyo Metropolitan University

Professional Experience

2024-present: Visiting Scholar, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University

2020-present: Professor, Faculty of Economics, Seikei University

2018-present: Member, Seikei Education and Research Center for Sustainable Development

2005-present: Visiting Researcher, Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo

2010-2020: Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Seikei University

2009-2010: Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Seikei University


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