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The scanned images of the HRV analogue seismograms can be processed using the digitization software, DigitSeis, and converted to digitized time series. The software is freely available, and can be installed on Macs. As we test the software, we have digitized a small number of traces, some of which are made available online in the SAC format. The link to "SAC" can be used to download a tar file containing all SAC files associated with the specific image. There are typically multiple SAC files in the tar file, and each SAC file corresponds to a line of recording (e.g., about 1 hour for long-period recordings).

Please note that we do our best in generating the digitized time series, but there may be features that are not fully captured or timing that may not be quite correct. If you are investigating a particular feature, you should check against the original image.

Click on the year below to access image holdings and to see if digitized traces are available. Dates that are highlighted in yellow in the pages below are dates where some portions of digitized time series are available. As we make progress, more digitized traces will be added.

1930's 1933 193419351936193719381939
1940's 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949
1950's 1950 1951 1952 1953

The seismograms are not digitized in order. Although we are making progress with digitizing images, it is very possible that the dates you are interested in may not be available for a long time and it may never be available. If you are interested in a specific day, we encourage you to download the image and digitize it with the DigitSeis software.


The digitization effort has been partially supported by the United States Geological Survey Earthquake Hazard Program through grants G14AP00016, G16AP00021, G17AP0007, and G18AP00018.

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