Relative Time-Integrted High-Frequency Energy Release (Sumatra 2005)

Table of Relative Energy Release for the Entire Event
Table of Relative Energy Release for the First 35 Seconds
Table of Relative Energy Release between 45 and 90 Seconds

This table contains three columns:
Energy Release

The longitude ranges between 92.01 and 102.01 degrees east, and longitude is between -2.94 and 7.06 degrees north. The grid spacing is 0.2 degrees (i.e., 2602 grid points).
The energy release is calculated by taking squared amplitude of the back-projected stacks at each grid point, and integrating over time over the entire event, the first 35 seconds (showing northwest rupture), and the last 45 seconds (showing southeast rupture). The values have been normalized such that the maximum is 1.0.

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