Sunyoung Park Sunyoung Park
Graduate Student (G1)

Harvard Seismology Group
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Harvard University

Research Interests

I am very interested in the earth's deep interior, earthquake mechanisms or source problem and seismotectonics in general. In particular, my main project is focused on studying sharpness of the innercore boundary of the earth. It is indeed a fascinating subject, trying to see deep inside the earth and understand its dynamics from earthquakes.
During my M.Sc., I studied mathematical analyses of seismic inverse methods and subsurface imaging techniques of exploration seismology. I would like the opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience in exploration geophysics and applied mathematics to my current research in global seismology.


2012 M.Sc. (Energy System Engineering - Geophysics), Seoul National University, South Korea
2010 B.Sc. & B.A. (Energy Reources Engineering & Economics), Seoul National University, South Korea

Professional Experience

2011-2012 Visiting Member, Geo-Mathematical Imaging Group (GMIG), Purdue University
2010 Visiting Researcher (Internship), Methodes et Techniques Sismique, TOTAL, Pau, France


Park, S., De Hoop, M. V., Calandra, H., Shin, C., 2011, Full Waveform Inversion: A Diffuse Optical Tomography Point of View, SEG Expanded Abstracts, 30, 2471-2475.

Park, S., Ha, W., Shin, C., Pyun, S., Calandra, H., 2010, A strategy for selecting the Laplace damping constants in the Laplace-domain inversion, based on the relationship between the Laplace damping constant and the detectable depth of a high-velocity structure, SEG Expanded Abstracts, 29, 993-997.

Sunyoung Park

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