Sunyoung Park Sunyoung Park
Graduate Student (G4)

Harvard Seismology Group
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Harvard University

Research Interests

I am very interested in the earth's deep interior, earthquake mechanism, or inverse source problem. I recently worked on 3-D earthquake directivity effect to estimate the rupture properties, such as rupture direction, length, propagation speed, and source duration. My current projects are more focused on earth's interior structure: mantle transition zone and innercore boundary. For the mantle transition zone, a new approach using caustics is applied to triplication data in order to study the uppermantle discontinuities. In terms of the innercore boundary, I am looking into its sharpness, which gives important insights into the dynamics of the innercore, convection mechanism of the outercore, and evolution and formation of the Earth.
During my M.Sc., I studied mathematical analyses of seismic inverse methods and subsurface imaging techniques of exploration seismology. I have been very much enjoying looking at seismology in different angles: theoretical point of view which tells me how I can learn from the given data as much as possible, and also real data point of view where I actually encounter the real nature of earthquakes and earth structure.


2012 M.Sc. (Energy System Engineering - Geophysics), Seoul National University, South Korea
2010 B.Sc. & B.A. (Energy Reources Engineering & Economics), Seoul National University, South Korea

Professional Experience

2011-2012 Visiting Member, Geo-Mathematical Imaging Group (GMIG), Purdue University
2010 Visiting Researcher (Internship), Methodes et Techniques Sismique, TOTAL, Pau, France


Park, S., Ishii, M., 2015, Inversion for rupture properties based upon 3-D directivity effect and application to deep earthquakes in the Sea of Okhotsk region, Geophysical Journal International, 203, 1011-1025, doi: 10.1093/gji/ggv352.

Park, S., De Hoop, M. V., Calandra, H., Shin, C., 2011, Full Waveform Inversion: A Diffuse Optical Tomography Point of View, SEG Expanded Abstracts, 30, 2471-2475.

Park, S., Ha, W., Shin, C., Pyun, S., Calandra, H., 2010, A strategy for selecting the Laplace damping constants in the Laplace-domain inversion, based on the relationship between the Laplace damping constant and the detectable depth of a high-velocity structure, SEG Expanded Abstracts, 29, 993-997.

Sunyoung Park

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